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Ruin and recovery

I’ve never owned a crystal ball, nor am I in the market for one today. But given the current disarray in global financial markets, the broad-ranging loss of confidence by consumers, and all-around bad business conditions, it would seem some comment as to what lies ahead is in order, here. First, an observation: No matter how bad things look, it's worse than you think. Basically, the whole government and financial establishment have disgraced themselves. (December 2008) READ MORE

Thought leadership is a form of marketing

Principals of corporations and professional service organizations of all kinds can strengthen their visibility, reputation and influence by contributing to public discourse. A thoughtful, well-phrased blog, op-ed piece, Website letter or podium presentation can serve to introduce you to current and prospective users of your services to whom you might otherwise be forgotten or unknown. It can also help you create or influence policy within the domain in which you operate. (July 2008) READ MORE


If talk is cheap, why aren't you doing more of it?

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