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We are always pleased to serve your needs, whether for a quick turnaround project or more broadly based program development. That might mean anything from quickly drafting a press release to creating a fully developed Website. In all instances we endeavor to maintain a high level of integrity in our work on your behalf while efficiently responding to your evolving requirements.

A quick contact via e-mail is often all it takes to initiate action. But as often as not, you may need something more.

"If it ain't broke don't fix it," is a useful business axiom, but if your sales, marketing, promotional or development programs are yielding limited returns, perhaps it's time to look again at your means and methods.

How to begin the work of driving your organization forward by "strengthening the marketing value chain?" Often we devise informal research protocols designed to reveal the experiences, perspectives and leadership styles that have led your organization to invoke the marketing philosophy and strategies it currently employs.

This is no idle approach designed to prove a theory or serve as a business school case study. Our methods are economical of your time and practical in their administration, focused solely on digging out the intent and methods that lie behind "things as they are," in order to determine what's best in making "things as they should be."

As might be expected, some initial effort will be devoted to characterizing the scope and impact of current programs. Cost factors, tasking, level of effort and results will be reported on and placed within the context of current operations.

Interviews, intercepts, surveys, and informal debriefings are useful, relatively quick ways to dig out information and place it in context. But reporting on the data and insights gained through such efforts only becomes useful when combined with dynamic alternatives. That's how we earn our pay.

To whatever extent you require findings to be reported on and related to such models as Customer Relationship Management and Supply Chain Management systems, we will be glad to comply.

A review of "best practices" can often yield useful ideas, as can an examination of the relationships between your marketing, sales and customer support functions.

Knowledge basing, not just with respect to your sales processes and customer support functions, but as a way to showcase the "value propositions" inherent in your products and services, can be another useful approach to unlocking the potential in your organization and tapping new sources of growth.

Yet we never forget: our primary intention is to collaboratively evolve a model, program and materials designed to grow your organization through increased lead flow and business opportunities, or in the case of not-for-profit organizations, your visibility, membership enrollment and overall development.

"Seamless integration," the holy grail of systems developers, may slightly overstate our objectives on your behalf, but we can think of worse goals for which to reach.

Find out more about how we work and the ways we build collaborative relationships designed to achieve even your most visionary marketing objectives. For more information, contact The Golden Group today!

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The Golden Group is a marketing, creative and Web services firm located in the Metrowest area of Greater Boston, Massachusetts.

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