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While you focus on the day-to-day challenges of your work with state or local government, you know the climate of public opinion surrounding your efforts can significantly influence the outcome of your most important initiatives.

Whether a key constituency represents a broad cross-section of the general public or a single individual, communicating the benefits of your position in the right way to the right audience at the right time can make all the difference in your success.

You know how to develop and manage legislative, regulatory and permitting initiatives, but consider the value of a partner with the skills and resources to develop powerful communications materials and effectively manage media relations—two factors often vital to your success.

That's why you'll want to learn more about The Golden Group, a marketing communications and public affairs organization with the experience and skills you need to frame your agenda and deliver your ideas in a timely way.

Our stock in trade lies in developing effective communications programs that lead straight to your specific objectives. The process we invoke is powerful and persuasive because we know how to create and coordinate the op-ed pieces, appeal letters, podium appearances, ads and Internet site content that will positively impact the thought leaders, opinion makers and communities of interest you seek to influence. Like you, we thrive on complexity and challenge!

Want to learn more? Click on contact us, or call 508-655-5999. We'll show you how we create and place the kind of communications you need to ensure your advocacy wins the day.

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The Golden Group is a marketing, creative and Web services firm located in the Metrowest area of Greater Boston, Massachusetts.

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